1×10: Justin Yuen, Grouptrail & The Street Trust

Welcome to 1×10, where we ask 1 inspiring human 10 questions about how they are using cycling as a force for good. Justin is the CEO of FMYI and Grouptrail, workplace collaboration software tools, and serves as the Board Chair of Portland, Oregon’s, The Street Trust. Read on to meet this inspiring entrepreneur, bike advocate, and all-around great dude!

Justin and his daughter hit the road!

1.How/why did you fall in love with cycling?

I loved the freedom of exploring the outdoors and taking on physical challenges like climbing hills, even though it was painful =) My dad inspired me with his tales of riding in the New Territories above Hong Kong as a kid.

My dad inspired me with his tales of riding in the New Territories above Hong Kong as a kid.

2. Favorite bike?

I covet the Breadwinner G-Road. I love my 1989 Schwinn 564.

Justin’s 1989 Schwinn 564.

3. What’s the most memorable ride you’ve done, and what happened?

My first century in high school. I hit the wall around the Pine Barrens in NJ, but stuck it out with my friend and the feeling of completing it was amazing.

4. Who do you admire in the cycling world?

5. Top tip for a new rider, or a cyclist about to take on a new challenge?

  • For the new rider: Bike position is key, particularly making sure you have the right saddle height. Also learning to use your gears to their fullest, nailing the right technique with pedaling, and perfecting the art of getting out of the saddle will all help for a more enjoyable ride.
  • For the rider taking on a new challenge: Make sure you get the nutrition right in terms of having enough water and food to ward off bonking.

6. Favorite trend or innovation in cycling?

All road bikes for limitless adventures and comfort.

7. What are you doing to use cycling as a force for good?

I am the Board Chair of the Street Trust here in Portland, Oregon, an advocacy, education, and encouragement nonprofit for biking, walking, and transit.

At the launch of the Biketown!

8. Thinking about the work you’re doing, what do you see as the potential change for people or the planet? If you are successful, what impact will you have?

Success is making it easier, healthier, and cheaper to get around by bike while creating thriving streets for community and commerce for all.

Justin and his son gear up!

9. How can people help?

I would recommend that people get involved with their local bicycling advocacy organization and foster conversations and take people on rides.

10. Where can people go to learn more about your work?

You can find me on grouptrail.com and on LinkedIn

Justin Yuen is an entrepreneur and bike enthusiast; if in Portland, OR, look out for him and the rest of the Grouptrail crew out on the roads or the trails.

Edited by John Kim. When he’s not out for a ride, John uses his expertise in Corporate Social Responsibility to help companies do well by doing good. Find him at virtcyc@gmail.com or VirtCyc on twitter or instagram.

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