Cycling is good, right? Good exercise, good transportation, and good fun. But cycling also has the power to create good that ripples far beyond the benefit to one rider. Virtuous Cycle is a place to give a shout out to the changemakers using cycling to create a better world.

By highlighting these stories, individuals, and organizations using bikes to do good and spread joy in the world, I hope to inspire and encourage others to do their part, however big or small. And by doing so, they inspire others around them. And so on. A virtuous cycle of sorts.

John Kim created this blog, Virtuous Cycle. He used to live in Los Angeles and loved riding that unexpectedly awesome city for exploration via bike, but has traded in city living for the Green Mountains of Vermont! When he’s not out for a ride, he uses his expertise in Corporate Social Responsibility to help companies do well by doing good. Find him at virtcyc@gmail.com, VirtCyc on twitter or instagram, and work John at LinkedIn.

Thanks to Ines Sanchez Nadal, the illustrator of the adorable penguin on bike drawing. She has given me permission to use her drawing for this blog. You can find her work here.