Good News: QBP’s 2019 Women’s Bike Mechanic Scholarships!

One of my fav bike brands, QBP, just made an awesome announcement! As part of their goal to get ‘every butt on a bike’ as well as help make cycling (the industry, sport, etc.) inclusive of everyone, QBP recently announced the recipients of their 2019 QBP Women’s Bike Mechanic Scholarship!

As QBP states on their website:

The QBP Women’s Bike Mechanic Scholarship is dedicated to increasing gender diversity within the bike industry. Equipped with the expertise and connections gained from this class, scholarship recipients can affect even greater change in their communities, making biking a more inclusive place for us all.

Through hands-on learning, component-by-component study, and formal lecture, scholarship recipients come away with the skills to advance their careers in the bike industry, gain advanced mechanical knowledge, and deepen their bike industry network. This year, they had so many amazing applicants and it was incredibly difficult to narrow it down to just 32. This year’s group is made up of passionate, inclusive change-makers who are deeply involved in their communities.

All of the winners will attend United Bicycle Institute’s 2-week Professional Repair and Shop Operation class in Ashland, Oregon.

I LOVE seeing when brands walk the talk of inclusivity and put in the work to make it happen!

On that note, check out some of the amazing sponsors who, along with QBP, help make the scholarship possible!

Click here to learn more about the QBP Women’s Bike Mechanic Scholarship and, if so interested, how you can apply!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. John Molnar says:

    One of my co-workers/friend is going. We are all really happy for her.


    1. John Kim says:

      Great! Thanks for letting us know! Hope she has a great experience! Seems great! Also know I’ll have a 1×10 interview with folks from UBI in the near future! Cheers!


      1. John Molnar says:

        She’s pumped, I think she heads out Friday.


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