Welcome to Virtuous Cycle


Cycling is good, right? Good exercise, good transportation, and good fun. But cycling also has the power to create good that ripples far beyond the benefit to one rider. Virtuous Cycle is where we give a shout out to the changemakers using cycling to create a better world. 

This is a place celebrating those who are tinkering with the physical design of bikes (and wheeled transportation of all sorts) to improve their impact on the earth; elevating folks harnessing the joy that bicycles bring to build inclusive and healthy communities; and shining a spotlight on peeps advocating for bikes to be a part of the solution to our climate crisis.

This is a place where we hope by these highlighting stories, individuals, and organizations using bikes to do good and spread joy in the world, we inspire and encourage others to do their part, however big or small. And by doing so, they inspire others around them. And so on. A virtuous cycle of sorts.

Virtuous Cycle: a chain of events in which one desirable occurrence leads to another which further promotes the first occurrence and so on resulting in a continuous process of improvement. – Merriam-Webster

We’re just getting started and we’d love to hear from you. if there are any stories or folks you think we should highlight, please let us know at virtcycle@gmail.com or VirtCyc on twitter or instagram.


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